Museum of London Docklands 20th anniversary
Commemorative mark and campaign, 2023

2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the Museum of London Docklands (MoLD). 20 years of MoLD has shown how international trade, migration, enslavement and the river Thames were all integral to shaping London. The programme engaged these wider topics and highlighted MoLD’s presence in East London alongside having some unbridled birthday-themed fun.

To mark the occasion, we were invited to design a commemorative mark, an out of home campaign, and a strategy for these elements to be taken on by the in-house team during the event period.

At a time when MoLD were in the middle of changing their branding, we presented a unique style for the campaign which focused solely on drawing attention to the celebratory events, and aimed to attract new, different & diverse adult audiences.

Our Out of Home campaign combined three main elements to communicate the main themes; the vibrant colour palette evokes a festive summertime atmosphere; the mark and type treatment
are reminiscent of the changing, post-industrial landscape of the docklands; and the use of historical archive photos by photographer Henry Grant taken in the local area showcase its history and vibrant community.